5ft Round Circle Backdrop + Circle Stand + 3 Cylinders + 3 Pedestal Covers



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Package includes:

    1. Round backdrop stand 1.5m, price is $289
    2. Fabric 1.5m to fit the stand, double-sided custom round backdrop with zipper, price is $156
    3. Cylinders x 3, price is $599
    4. Custom Cylinder covers x3, price is $199

The round stand height at the bottom is 70cm.

The circle backdrop stand and the pedestals all have handbags with them. Easy to take anywhere.

The 3 Cylinder and Pedestal cover sizes include:

  • 40cm diameter * 90cm height
  • 36cm diameter * 75cm height
  • 33cm diameter * 60cm height

Product Features:

    • Personalized
    • High-quality stereoscopic image
    • Wrinkle-resistant
    • Washable
    • Portable
    • Convenient to hang

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